Questions for Boston Scientific

  1. What is the Chinese-sourced material that you are implanting in women?
  2. What were you trying to hide from customs agents when you brought it to the US?
  3. Why was the material re-bagged?
  4. Why did you use a supplier that your own employees branded as a counterfeiter?
  5. Did you ever receive a certificate of compliance from the Chinese supplier?
  6. BSC’s own records indicate that the Chinese-sourced resin has high levels of toxic selenium, which is not present in Marlex. How do you explain that?
  7. What other differences did your testing find comparing the Chinese-sourced resign and Marlex?
  8. Even if it is identical to Marlex, why are you using it since the US manufacturer of that brand has for years said it is too dangerous to be used for surgical implants?